Update from Question Box

We love to hear from our grantees, so we’re delighted when Question Box got in touch. We supported them a few years ago and you can read more about that grant here. Since that time, they’ve been pretty busy and here are just a few snippets from their work:

  • In support of the Northern Uganda Medical Mission (NUMEM), we’re helping them launch a network of 8 Question Boxes, which will provide communities with access to live medical counseling, linkages to District clinics, and serve as a 24/7 ambulance dispatch service. This program has been developed in collaboration between NUMEM and the District authorities for well over a year, and has complete government buy in at the local level. In fact, half of the helpline staff will be District Health employees. This will greatly aid in future District adoption of the public helplines. Currently, baseline survey planning is in the works, as well as developing impact measurements.
  • We’ve been putting a lot of focus on updating our hardware systems, and working with a broader ranges of suppliers, primarily in East Asia — which has been a learning curve for us. Right now, we’ve got three base system models, with some interesting add-ons available, such as radio and a camera.
  • All this comes with some new documentation. We’ve developed a new hardware manual for iLab in Liberia, which is here attached for you. We’ve also outlined the Question Box value proposition in a new manner, focusing more on how it serves as an approach to reach broader demographics and geographies. That new overview will soon be available to download via the website.

A busy time for Question Box, then, and over the coming months they’ll be looking to increase their core operating support, work on research partnerships to document their impact and continue to develop upon and improve the hardware. If you’re interested in supporting them, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to connect you.