Grantee Gathering in Cape Town

photo 5It was fabulous to have the opportunity to gather some our our Cape Town grantees in Woodstock for a delicious lunch and animated discussions.  While sipping hot tea to warm our winter shivers we shared stories of successes and challenges.  Key challenges that came up included fundraising, lack of skilled capacity (particularly when competing with the private sector), frustration at having to report with multiple requirements to different funders, team management and a lack of clear policies.

We discussed how we can support grantees beyond funding and I was happy to learn their impressions of Indigo’s support.  We explored how grantees could collaborate and worked together to develop a potential programme which will support the training needs of our grantees in areas like social media, PR and evaluation.

We hope that through working together, our grantees will be able to strengthen their impact and we continue to enjoy learning from them and being inspired by their work.

Thanks to Code4SA, FunDza, Ndifuna Ukwazi, ODAC and RLabs.