Grant Awarded to Social Justice Coalition

Awarded on 13 Mar 2014

Social Justice Coalition

South Africa

Basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation, Education and training in water supply and sanitation, Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £16,226.00

We’re delighted to announce that we have awarded South Africa’s Social Justice Coalition a grant of £16,226 to help them provide education and advocacy traning and also to develop and amend a mobile/online problem reporting platform. The project will take place in Khayelitsha township where the majority of Cape Town’s roughly 140 000 informal settlement households are located. Population estimates vary greatly but a conservative estimate is 750,000 people. The area experiences extremely high levels of poverty and unemployment. Despite being a short journey from Cape Town’s CBD, Khayelitsha – like other historically neglected areas – is worlds apart from many well-resourced areas in the city. These communities experience severe problems related to infrastructure and the provision of services; and consequently access to safety and dignity.

Under the Lungisa Project, Indigo grantee Cell-Life has developed significant software and hardware for the purposes of monitoring by communities. The Lungisa system is a community monitoring and reporting tool that uses a range of technologies to report service delivery faults, for example, USSD, text messages, email. The Lungisa system supports reporting across a wide range of service delivery areas. SJC’s new reporting platform, Imali Yethu, will use the platform developed by Lungisa for the back end with minor changes in the reporting forms; and will transfer this to an independent Imali Yethu
server together with a dedicated website. This would include a change in branding, modified submission forms, as well as a simplification of the reporting categories. The modifications also involve taking geo-location data from the database and presenting it on the Imali Yethu website. Using this enhanced platform, residents across Khayelitsha will be able to report health, sanitation and hygiene problems via multiple platforms. Once the reports have been checked, they will be sent by a member of the SJC team to the relevant body in the City of Cape Town and follow-ups with both local government and the reporter of the problem will contine until the problem is satisfactorily resolved.

We’re delighted to be supporting this project and hope that the partnership model adopted can serve as an example to other organisations.