Why Don't You Fund That?


Courtesy of Ileana Gonzales

A while ago, I briefly blogged about some of the things we don’t fund. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing a series of more in-depth articles about some of the things we don’t fund. The idea is to give potential applicants as much information as possible about what we do and don’t fund, so that they don’t needlessly spend time putting together applications and proposals that are very unlikely to be funded by us. In brief, we are very unlikely to fund:

  • Employment solutions and job search platforms
  • Financial or banking solutions
  • Individual scholarships and travel grants
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Commercial or sales platforms
  • Internet Cafes
  • One-off events (unlikely, but not impossible)
  • International NGOs (unlikely, but not impossible)

The fact that we don’t fund these is not because we believe they are unnecessary or don’t achieve impact, it’s simply a reflection of the fact that we are a small organisation with limited resources and we want to focus on those issues, areas and projects where we believe our funding can have the greatest impact. There are other funders – commercial and charitable – who do fund these sorts of things and, indeed, who specialise in funding things like this. We hope that potential applicants find some use in this series of posts and please feel free to get in touch if anything needs clarifying.