My First Work Week in South Africa

View from balconyAs most of you probably know, I’ve moved to South Africa for 6 months.  I’ll still be continuing my usual Indigo role as Executive and will also be focusing on ramping up our efforts in South Africa in the lead up to the national election.

It’s been a busy first week.  I had the Praekelt Foundation Board meeting and met Code4SA with Hivos.  I’ve also met Precious Greehy, the lead on Making All Voices Count in South Africa and Stephen King from Omidyar Network.

I’ve spoken to City Press, one of South Africa’s most popular newspapers and will be writing an article for them this week, so watch this space. They’re also going to be contacting some of grantees in the coming months to learn more about their work.

I’ve also managed to experience first hand the frustrations of poor service delivery while trying to connect a phone line and internet.  I hope that some of the work our fabulous grantees are doing in the field of using technology to improve service delivery can help to improve some of these services over time.

I’m seeing lots of good opportunities here, particularly around linking up strong tech groups with civil society groups with a strong reputation in mobilising citizens to demand improved services.

I’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, enjoy the photo of the view from my new home!