SeyLII: Progress towards an e-Grey Book for Seychelles

In a partly codified legal system like the Seychelles, legislation is the basis of legal discourse and analysis. However, it has not been possible for lawyers or even the judiciary in the Seychelles to have access to a clear document where all of this legislation is collated. Unlike in East Africa where Grey Books provide an easy single reference volume of frequently-cited legislation, the Seychelles has lacked reliable access to legislation. This has been blamed for significant delays in advising clients, delivering judgements and sustaining a legal backlog which has had a deleterious effect on justice, rule of law and delivering reforms for development.

However, this is set to change. SeyLII, the Seychelles Legal Information Institute is a free electronic portal for domestic case law and legislation. With support and funding from Indigo,  SeyLII and partner African LII have successfully collated and consolidated core legislation. Work is now under way to provide this information through a downloadable app to transform it into a fully web interactive version of legislation. It is expected that this will soon become a vital tool for politicians and legal professionals alike.

To read more about SeyLII’s progress, have a look at this blog post.