Loren's Guardian Article-OGP: Promising but what next for Africa?

Guardian OGPOur trust executive, Loren, has again been featured in Guardian in the wake of the OGP13 conference. This time, she’s discussing the implications of the Open Government Conference for Africa.

With President Kikiwete of Tanzania heading up panels at the conference, it all looks very encouraging. However, civil society groups across Africa continue to cite an inhospitable regulatory and governance framework as a stumbling block. Because of these laws, most countries in Africa fail to meet the minimum requirements to join the OGP. Those that do qualify have been accused of lacking enthusiasm for the project. Others believe the initiative may be rejected as a Western intrusion.

In the piece, Loren looks at what living up to OGP ideals actually means in an African context. This includes highlighting some of our great grantees! Take a look!