Open Data Institute Annual Summit

ODI Summit 2013Last week, those of us working in open data, accountability and transparency were in our element. A series of events exploring these issues was organised, culminating in the Open Government Partnership annual summit in Westminster (more about that later this week). Tuesday saw the Open Data Institute’s first annual summit in the wonderful surroundings of the Museum of London. The following blog posts should hopefully give you a flavour of what happened on the day and what people took away with them:

  • Read Martha Lane Fox’s key take-home messages here.
  • For a live, blow-by-blow account, take a look at this post from the GovLab.
  • Find out what The Guardian thought in this article.
  • And for a tweet-by-tweet account of what open data means for business, click here.

If there are any other good write-ups from the day, leave a comment and link below and I’ll add them to the article.