WALINET launches MAJIBU – An Innovative Approach to WASH

The following press release was prepared by WALINET

Water and Livelihoods Network (WALINET) is on 13th September 2013 launching MAJIBU, a web-based mobile platform that seeks to provide citizens with info solutions and useful linkages that will in turn help them improve their livelihoods, at the 680 Hotel Nairobi from 8:30 am to 11:00 am.

To bridge the information gap in the water sector and raise citizens’ awareness level about water service delivery and resource management, devolution, livelihoods and management of climate change effects, WALINET has developed this mobile service, where water consumers can engage with knowledgeable data desk personnel by sending questions via SMS or email relating to water, climate change, devolution and livelihoods and thereafter receiving timely and useful responses.


Majibu seeks to bridge the information gap especially on issues relating to water, livelihoods, climate change and devolution. The service will provide a platform where citizens can turn to for information on issues that affect their lives. Further, through this, citizens can inquire on issues that require specific responses or research, or refer interesting cases especially the ones affecting the general community, or seek linkages.

WALINET has a short code number for the service. Users can send their queries via SMS to 20414 starting with the keyword Majibu (Majibu-space-query) or via our email, majibu@walinet.org. Our data desk personnel will then review the queries and respond via the same mode users sent them through i.e. SMS/email.


WALINET is a National Civil Society Organization whose vision is the realization of safe water for all, for domestic use and for livelihood initiatives. The Organization’s core objectives are to advocate for better water services delivery to citizens, promote sustainable water resources management, promote opportunities for Kenyans to utilize water resources for prosperity, and facilitate citizen participation in governance and economic development.

To get more information about WALINET or the MAJIBU platform, please visit our website, www.walinet.org, or contact the Project Coordinator Emmanuel Mwau on +245727333503.