BudgIT: A Case Study

Over the last couple of years we’ve watched as the Nigerian budget transparency organisation, BudgIT, has grown from hack idea to fuly fledged start up. Oluseun and his team have very kindly compiled a case study and profile of the organisation. We hope that it will prove to be a useful resource for others. Here’s what they have to say about the case study:

This  document  analyses  the  efforts  of  BudgIT,  Nigeria’s creative  startup,  in  making  the  Nigerian budget simple and accessible for every citizens.  Nigeria, an oil-driven economy had over  thirteen  of  uninterrupted military rule which held the detailed budget as a state secret. Current efforts in the democratic regimes as enabled by  the law have made both the proposed and enacted budget available to citizens. However, the budget is officially released in non-readable formats and most citizens  have no clear understanding of the government  finances.  BudgIT  uses  an  array  of  technology  tools  to simplify  budget  for  citizens  and  also works  with  civil  society  and  media  in  terms  of  data  analysis  and representation.  BudgIT  believes  that amplified voices of citizens based on better access to budgetary data can translate  to institutional reform. It also works in improving capacity of congressional budget  offices to  improve budget performance. BudgIT methodology is to use refined data mining skill sets  to creatively represent data and empower citizens to use such available information in demanding for improved service delivery.


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