AfriLabs: A new grant to support Hub Collaboration

Awarded on 10 Jul 2013


Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £22,035.25

AfriLabs_republica_groupphotoAs many of you know, technology innovation hubs are springing up across Africa.  We’re supporting a dozen of them, which are described here.  

With so many innovation hubs emerging in Africa, it seems timely to support an initiative which will facilitate collaboration between hubs, so as to establish a Pan-African movement. We are delighted to announce that The Indigo Trust and Hivos have decided to co-fund AfriLabs.  The Indigo Trust has awarded €25,000 (£22,035) for this purpose and Hivos has match funded this amount.

AfriLabs_republica_strategymeeting2The initiative gained momentum at Re:publica conference in Berlin this year when hub managers from across the continent were able to present, share ideas and discuss potential areas of collaboration. A fantastic Director, Tayo Akinyemi has been appointed and a new governance structure will ensure that all hubs have a chance to shape the direction of the initiative.  A new strategy has been developed which is focusing on how the hubs can share knowledge and collaborate, explore capacity and resource sustainability and build both the community and strategic partnerships.

AfriLabs_republica_LukongapresentsIt is hoped that the knowledge exchange will enable hubs to operate more effectively a and that through working together they may be able to pitch for larger projects and achieve financial sustainability faster. Collaborations are also likely to organically develop, which was already being seen at Re:publica.  AfriLabs will also be exploring wider programs which could be run across hubs such as supporting Women in Technology and is a good starting point for funders and other Stakeholders wishing to work with hubs across Africa.