Grant Awarded to Impilo Foundation for Citizen Journalism

Awarded on 17 Jun 2013

Impilo Foundation

South Africa

Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £4,865.00

The Impilo Foundation has received a grant of around £4,900 from Indigo to carry out a citizen journalism project in the settlement of Zandspruit, just outside Johannesburg.

logoThe Impilo Foundation has been working with the many informal and semi-informal settlements around Johannesburg for a couple of years now. Their aim is to bring different ICT tools to the people so they can be used for anything from education, to enterprise, to entertainment. Their values really fit with Indigo’s; it’s all about empowering people to use technology to better their lives.

The citizen journalism project will work with many different community members to equip them with the skills, hardware and experience to go out into the community and report on the issues that matter to them. They will report on these issues on the pre-existing community online platform, and a new blog, as well as being targeted at more traditional media outlets.

Zandspruit2It is hoped that an increased amount of Zandspruit1journalism locally will produce many positive changes. Not only will the journalists themselves gain skills and experience but it is hoped that their work will hold local organisations to account and boost the community’s self-esteem by showcasing exciting developments and becoming an effective voice for the community to shape its own future. At its best, the project should inspire others to enter journalism creating a sustainable group of individuals reporting on the issues most important to Zandspruit.

This project should result in some excellent articles, campaigns and blog posts. At Indigo we are looking forward to learning more about Zandspruit and we hope the project is a success both for those taking part and the other residents of Zandspruit.