In the News…

Here we are at the end of June and already halfway through 2013! So much has happened here at Indigo Trust, but as usual this post takes a quick look at what’s caught our eye in the news and among our peers. Enjoy!

iceaddisThe BBC take a closer look at ICT in Ethiopia which is undergoing rapid change. Iceaddis, the capital’s tech hub may face a tough environment, but there is significant opportunity in this country whose name was once synonymous with famine.

G8 ukThe G8 signed an intriguing and potentially exciting charter about open data at their leader’s meeting in Enniskillen this month. This particular article takes a look at what the charter means for the different G8 nations.

This interesting article gives an insight into the experience of two young tech graduates-turned-entrepreneurs in Malawi.

This interesting little blog article makes a useful point. Often we only hear and think about the positive impacts of ICTs but there is also another side to the story. Until we can be more open and honest about ICT’s failings we are likely to hinder our own learning.

The GSMA’s Mobile Development Intelligence tool celebrated its first birthday this month! It is a very useful site and well worth a look for anyone interested in mobile phones across the world.

Kenyan FlagIn another bold move to cement itself as Africa’s digital capital Kenya has announced a huge public spending programme aimed at delivering millions of laptops to schools. This policy may revolutionise education but with a lack of trained teachers, intermittent electricity and other, more pressing, inequalities it may symbolise a policy that is both unnecessary and overly-expensive. Time will tell.

This comment article looks at the potential of socially-driven technology enterprises to have transformative effects in Britain. This is something Indigo has advocated in Africa for some time now and we are happy to see that it may catch on in the UK soon.

Please post your comments and reaction to any of the articles below!