Learning about Living celebrates Facebook success!

OneworldWe thought we would share with you some exciting figures from the One World project ‘Learning about Living’ in Senegal. Learning about Living projects use social media and the internet to educate young people about healthy relationships, safe sex and HIV/AIDS.
Over the past few months the team in Senegal have been focusing on trying to expandlearning about living logo their Facebook presence and have had some really impressive results. The project has over 13,000 fans, representing some 2% of Senegalese Facebook users. To put that into some sort of back-of-the-envelope context, that’s roughly the same proportion of American Facebook users that are fans of Nike, Burger King or Toys R Us. These numbers are astounding and here at Indigo we are really impressed with the buzz created around the site. The page frequently shares thought provoking pictures which get shared and commented upon. There is healthy debate and open expression, but most importantly accurate and factual information about sexual health. The team have created a Facebook Q and A Widget on the page so that young people can post their questions and queries about relationships and their next aim is to get as many people using the widget as presently use their SMS short-code Q and A service which has proved very popular (with over 150,000 questions submitted).

The One World staff have really taken to the social media training they received last year and are now running courses for other young people to learn about the best ways to utilise social media. The success of this project is really pleasing – talking about sex and relationships can be difficult in any country, but with this service the One World team have created a safe and informative space for young Senegalese to learn about some really important issues.

As one user said: “at least sex will no-longer be taboo, virtually…”

abuse against womenThis picture was shared 29 times, liked 55 times and seen by over 8,000 people – it says “Sexual abuse and violence… talk about it!”