We’re back again with our monthly round up of what has caught our attention through April. This month spans our usual wide range of interests; everything from innovation tech-hubs to the extent to which your government might be interfering with your experience of Google. Enjoy!

This article not only offers some enlightening anecdotes about the power of mobile phones for increasing agricultural market knowledge but also highlights an project known to us here at Indigo; esoko.

Social Innovation and Tech Hubs

An interesting interview about ICT and entrepreneurship in Tanzania with some timely observations about the need for revised intellectual property law.

This excellent list details some of the incubation Tech-Hubs across Africa that are worth watching – congratulations to Indigo Grantees Bongo Hive, Co-Creation Hub, iHub and iLab Liberia for making the cut!

This is a little out of Indigo’s interest areas but the Innovation Prize for Africa announced its finalists this month – all of these excellent projects are applying new thinking to old problems and while many are more industrial that Indigo’s tech focus they all demonstrate the power of innovative thinking and determination!


The 2013 e-learning conference seems to be making quite a buzz online – this article highlights the economic potential of increased e-learning across Africa.


eHealth appears to be a bright light in the mission of providing basic health care universally but the concept and evidence base is still in its infancy. This PricewaterhouseCoopers report is optimistic about the potential but the article also highlights some evidence which suggests a more pessimistic outlook.

Open Data and Transparency

Some thoughts and learning about the applications of Open Data – specifically in South Africa.

In the vein of www.gov.uk and other government portals, Nigeria has just launched its own service at https://swp.com.ng/ which should improve citizens’ access to important information and data about the Nigerian Government
Google have released an interesting study into the frequency of requests that world governments make to limit, censor or have removed some content from the Google platform including You Tube Videos, certain search results or even advertisements. Get an insight into how your government affects your experience of Google!

Charities often have to process huge amounts of data in order to do their jobs but often this work has to be done on small budgets and with limited skills – the “DataKind” project gives charities the opportunity to consult with real experts about their needs.

archivesThis month the British Library began cataloguing the internet. The library already receives a copy of every print publication made in the UK but now, it will add to its archives the millions of internet pages and other content that the UK domain publishes every month. This is a fascinating development but it made us wonder; who is preserving the internet for posterity for the rest of the world?

We hope you’ve found April as interesting as we did; reactions, commentaries and recommendations below please!