A Grant to JoziHub

Awarded on 9 Mar 2013

South Africa

Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £19,968.00

South Africa has an uneasy relationship with transparency and accountability. It ranks second on budget openness and has constitutionally-guaranteed access to information legislation, but major service delivery failures and the much-talked-about Secrecy Bill threaten to undermine the great strides that the country has made. That’s why we’re delighted to announce a grant of £19,968 towards the costs of setting up a transparency and accountability stream at the JoziHub.

The Jozihub, an initiative of the Praekelt Foundation, is a network of innovators dedicated to making new connections and harnessing the power of technology to create real and sustainable change in Southern Africa. The JoziHub ­ launching in February 2013 at the vibrant 44 Stanley precinct in Milpark, Johannesburg ­ will play a facilitator role in the innovation process by providing a physical space where the interaction of different stakeholders and role-players can be facilitated. Building on the success of similar hubs in Lagos, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya, the JoziHub will help to foster this innovation eco­system for interested parties to host and drive their innovation initiatives and activities. The facilitator approach enables the JoziHub to provide a wide array of services by accommodating partners to drive the services that the Hub cannot offer on its own.

Indigo’s funding will enable the JoziHub to reach out to civil society and government to help them understand one another’s challenges and work on areas of mutual interest. The JoziHub will organise stakeholder meetings, as well as two hackathons and follow-up events focused on issues or datasets identified as being of interest or concern during the stakeholder meetings.