Tactical Tech – An Update

meandmyshadow_525Back in 2011, we awarded a grant to Tactical Tech to enable them to support human rights activists to make more effective use of technology in their work. Since that time, they’ve been involved in a number of exciting developments. I recently caught up with Becky at Tactical Tech who gave me an update on their activities since then:

Some top successes were the release of our resource on data visualisation for activists, Drawing by Numbers and its most recent addition ‘Data & Design How-to’s Note 6:  Beyond the 60 page report‘. Our interactive ‘sketchbook‘ on e-waste in India is a great way to explore a complex issue.

On the events front we’re looking forward to our 2013 Info-Activism camp on Evidence and Influence  – a working event for more than 100 people from a variety of backgrounds exploring the art of evidence based campaigning.

Our privacy and expression team have been busy – training more than 3,500 people through direct digital security trainings and ‘flash’ trainings at events. We have been extending and upgrading Security in-a-box, which is now the leading resource on digital security for human rights activists

We have also been adding material to our Me and My Shadow site – this provides an interactive view of the traces we leave behind when we use digital tools such as Facebook and Twitter and gives some suggestions as to how to shrink these traces and protect your digital privacy.

This is just a sample of some of our activities!

It’s pretty clear that 2012 was a very busy year at Tactical Tech and 2013 is sounding no less busy. If you’re unfamiliar with the work of Tactical Tech I’d highly recommend you take a look at some of the tools they’ve been busy working on. Their site is a great resource for activists and technologists alike.