March was another exciting month for ICT and mobile developments in Africa. Here’s our monthly round-up of highlights ranging from Kenya’s elections to diplomatic Twitter rows in Nigeria! Enjoy…

Kenyan FlagKenya’s election had us all holding our breath but on the whole, and at this early stage, it appears to have been mostly free and fair and, thankfully, with minimal violence. The irony of the total collapse of Kenya’s high-tech vote counting system is not lost on us, but we think technology more than contributed to the positive outcome!

– A summary of some of the different ICT projects at work during the Kenyan election

– An interesting IPO piece exploring how the virtual community still is not very good at predicting how people will vote on the ground

– The Uchaguzi team were in full swing for the Kenyan elections. There full report is not ready yet, but promises to make for excellent reading for those of you who have ever wondered how election monitoring campaigns work.

Plan logo
This mapping project to prevent child trafficking by Plan Benin is interesting for a couple of reasons. Firstly it uses an existing network of taxi drivers to do its mapping and secondly ICT is only one facet of a more comprehensive attempt to overcome this terrible trade in children.

Open Data
AfricanDevelopment Bank
We love open data here at Indigo and this tool from the African Development Bank presents a mass of data in an engaging and easily understandable manner! So far only twenty countries have full data-sets but the rest will follow by July.

Here is a great guest post on the FrontlineSMS blog from the project manager of the Nakaseke Community Telecentre in Uganda which helps farmers to build stronger links with the markets or their produce.

We have come across Kilimo Salama a couple of times in our work here at Indigo. This press piece confirms that this innovative agricultural insurance project continues to go from strength to strength.

In Ghana an e-learning platform, MamaYe, has been launched to educate various groups about improving maternal and neonatal health in the country. Towards the end of this article you will learn that even the humble taxi-driver has a role to play in reducing Ghana’s shockingly high prevalence of maternal and neonatal deaths.

A light story that highlights a couple of things; even diplomats can mess up on twitter but more importantly the value to be found in denouncing corruption when we find it.

As ICT skills become ever more advanced, African governments need to pay more attention to the security of their online presence.

Datablog Highlights
We are big fans of the Guardian’s datablog here at Indigo – excellent graphics, timely issues and thorough analysis in March was brought on the following issues:

 – The UN’s development index will soon need to suit the new development goals as the MDGs are retired. This data outlines some of the data that will inform the next decades of development work

 – Death and disease, visualised!
deatha dn disease

 – Obesity is now more common than malnutrition; this entry explores earth’s expanding waistline.

That’s it for this month. Feel free to post your comments, thoughts and reactions below!