New Grant Awarded to

Awarded on 18 Feb 2013


Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £11,937.19

trac logoIndigo has just awarded a grant of €13,500 to in order that it might expand the network of organisations that use its data collection software to inform their social campaigns.

A Dutch organisation, currently has users in Uganda and Tanzania. They have created an innovative platform that allows radio stations to interact with their listeners, gather their opinions and collate them in order to inform debate and campaigning. Using SMS, listeners can contribute to real-time debate and a wealth of information can be collected to inform wider campaigning and research. On average already undertakes in excess of 25 polls per month. These have focused on issues like domestic violence, government corruption, potholes, contraceptives and international aid. One of the Ugandan collaborating stations is Radio Wa.

31fa57fa634208836f6978a4fe7a5ebbRadio plays a vital role in many African countries and this is always particularly true in rural areas. Websites of open data may help identify problems and inform campaigns, but near universal access to radio and its established place as a forum of debate and campaigning often makes radio a stronger tool than the internet alone. By augmenting the power of radio with SMS technology we hope it will be strengthened further.

The grant given will be spent on identifying new partners, creating interest and disseminating the technology to new organisations so they can use it effectively and integrate it fully into their existing systems.

Radio remains a powerful tool for advocating human rights and increasing transparency and accountability.  We at Indigo are really excited to see how much more powerful it might become when combined with’s software. We’ll keep you updated!

As ever, a picture, or in this case, a video, speaks a thousands words! Check out’s youtube video for a better idea of the organisation: