New Grant Awarded to iHub

Awarded on 23 Jan 2013


Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £6,205.64

Access to clean, affordable and safe water is one of the most bsic rights we enjoy, although in Kenya environmental, economic and political considerations mean that the country is facing a severe water crisis. The solution to this problem will likely be vast, complex and costly, but civil society is working on the issue of ensuring water service providers live up to their promises. That’s why we’ve awarded iHub in Kenya a grant of $9,300, which will be used to help fund their Water Hackathon 2013. Most of the grant will be used to fund the all important prize money, plus additional funding that will be used to help implement and monitor the winning solution.

iHub’s Water Hackathon 2013 is ambitious in scale. By November the team at iHub had already collected data from some 900 households in three districts outside Nairobi. This new data coupled with a range of experts at the event should give the competing programmers and technologists the information needed to create some exciting and innovative solutions to water misuse and shortages. The hackathon will centre on bringing transparency and accountability to Kenyan water supplies. Access to water is a basic Human Right and we are confident that this project will contribute to upholding this right for all Kenyans.
Water hackathon
iHub’s research arm have written a report in response to their data gathering which discusses some of the hurdles that are preventing secure access to safe water. You can read a blog post about it here.

Here at Indigo we are becoming increasingly excited to see what kinds of solutions arise from this Hackathon. iHub’s previous Water Hackathons have been really successful and we wish all those taking part in 2013 the very best of luck!