Here’s February’s selection of interesting articles, blogs, websites and graphics.

Kenyan Flag
March 4th see Kenyans go to the polls to elect MPs, Senators, and their next President. After the painful experience of election violence in 2007 many organisations are determined to help Kenya succeed in having peaceful, free and fair elections.

Sanitation and Health
The National Geographic has a blog section entitled Digital Diversity. Its curated by Ken Banks, of Kiwanja (another blog we like to keep up-to-date  on!). In February the National Geographic guest hosted the Aquaya Institute’s innovative work on providing clean water in difficult circumstances.

We are convinced of the value of ICT and M-Labs in Africa as a platform to help innovators and entrepreneurs realise their dreams. This interview with the lead at East Africa m-Labs gives some interesting insights.

ICT and Mobile in Africa
An Economist briefing on our field.

An interesting article full of facts and figures for ICT in Africa concluding with the four keys infrastructural must-haves for a flourishing tech sector.

Ever wondered where people Tweet in Africa? The Guardian analyses the data from a few key cities with interesting results.

Ethics and Teaching
This article raises an interesting question that our field needs to consider. What is the best way to teach and pass on our experiences in ICT or mobile technologies in Africa and development more broadly? This piece focuses on mHealth, but in the future will Universities have courses on e-agriculture? Is technology suitably incorporated into traditional development studies? These big, important questions can be found here.

The Wait…What? Blog always deals with ethical issues in a precise and considered manner. This month this discussion in community mapping caught our eye as both timely and poignant.