Happy International Open Data Day!

Feburary 23rd marks International Open Data Day. I don’t think they’ve started producing cards to mark the occasion just yet, but at Indigo we think it’s cause for celebration. Finding out that there’s such a thing as International Open Data Day did get me thinking about some of the ways in which we use and produce open data. One of the most powerful recent examples that we have been involved in is the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). We publish all of our grant data on there and it’s completely open for people to share and reuse, along with thousands of other (much larger) datasets from charities, foundations, government ministries and major institutions like the World Bank. Over at legislation.gov.uk, meanwhile, a small team from The National Archives have ensured that the UK’s legislation is open and accessible to all. They’ve made it easy to use and access the data underlying the legislation and I’ve blogged about that here. But by far the most exciting thing about open data is that it can be used in thousands of different ways – by opening up data and making it reusable and accessible, organisations allow others to take that data and build products and services around it. So wherever you are, we’d like to wish you a very happy International Open Data Day!