An Update from ActivSpaces

Just before Christmas we asked many of our grantees about their biggest successes and challenges over the course of 2012. Here’s what ActivSpaces – a two-time Indigo grantee –  had to say:

ActivSpaces’ top successes in 2012 have been (1) partnering with Google — which is allowing us to expand our base, community outreach and programs; (2) participating in the organization and execution of the Cameroon Startup Challenge, the first private seed funding competition for tech ventures in the country; (3) facilitating funding for 4 different tech startups leading to employment of about 15 individuals; (4) the launch of the King Maker project, an innovative cyber cafe ad platform; (5) obtaining sufficient recognition from the community to be designated coordinator of BarCamp Cameroon 2013; (6) active participation in 2 international events and becoming lead partner with the Goethe Institut on (pan-African video distribution project).

Generally, 2012 has been a very encouraging year. But all these successes are based on the major success of continuing our relationship with The Indigo Trust and receiving a 2nd grant which made our operations possible.

They’ve got plenty of plans for 2013, so watch this space.