Update: Nigerian Constitution App

Way back in September 2011 Indigo made a grant of £7,000 to the Co-Creation Hub in Nigeria to be used in support of Zubair Abubakar’s Nigerian Constitution App.

Now, at the beginning of 2013 we thought we’d share with you the App’s progress during a very successful 2012.

The value of the App was reinforced very early in 2012 when the original version, only suitable for Blackberry was downloaded some 40,000 times during the 2-3 days of the #occupyNigeria protest. It appeared that the protesters were downloading the App in order to help them assert their rights as they exercised their democratic right to protest.

It was not long after the protests when the new version of the App with added features and suitable for both Android and Nokia was released. Today all the versions of the App have collectively been downloaded over 530 thousand times! Feedback has been really positive and at one point the App even made it into the Top 20 Downloaded Apps in Google Plays Nigeria store.

Looking ahead the Zubair and the team have plans to use their model for the Nigerian constitution to make any constitution “app”able! This could be a really exciting opportunity for many African nations.