In the News

Our “In the News” post took a month off for December, but now it’s back with a selection of stories that caught our eye as 2012 turned to 2013!

Democratic Transparency and Accountabilitysierra leone elections

Elections in Sierra Leone
Avaaz focused on the use of mobile phones during Sierra Leone’s elections on November 17th 2012

Linda Raftree talks about Open Data, Open Government and Critical Consciousness on the Wait… What? Blog
An interesting little discussion about how to improve open data through better presentation, responsive government and, most importantly, critical consciousness


How ICT tools are improving efficiency of agricultural development
The Guardian looks at three technologies working to transform farming.

The arrival of 2013 heralded a controversial policy announcement in Nigeria. The decision to give free mobile phones to millions of farmers was seen as electioneering by some and as innovative and ground-breaking economic development by others…

ICT Hubs

ICT4D in Rwanda
Rwanda appears to by making great strides with ICT and clearly has high hopes for its Kigali ICT Park

Apps and Social Media

medAfricaKenyan Apps in 2013m shamba
Kenyans love making apps! this article features some whimsical games alongside serious apps that are spurring development in agriculture, mHealth and education

Guardian showcase of development initiatives using social media

Social Media is not always appropriate in development contexts but here some unusual examples shine light on the subject – some are clearly more effective than others.


mHealth -innovate or follow the crowd?
The Guardian reports on how some of the most successful mHealth innovations have arisen from simple private or voluntary pilots or start-ups. The article concludes that in mHealth, funding innovation is the best way forward and not top-down government schemes.


IF Campaign – Key Hunger and Malnutrition data sets
Here at Indigo we love a good data set! If the IF Campaign is to be successful the data reveals some obvious targets that urgently need to be addressed if world hunger and malnutrition is to be eradicated.