Grant Awarded to Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP)

Awarded on 12 Nov 2012

Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP)


Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £14,999.00

Indigo has recently granted £14,999 to the Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP) for its Jamii Voices Project.

TGNP have recently completed a major project which established Knowledge Centres across Tanzania designed to give grassroots women and men access to ICT. At these centres men and women can learn about ICT and use the facilities available to self-organise or become more involved in gender advocacy in Tanzania.

With the centres established, TGNP’s “Jamii Voices” project will seek to network the centres together. Many local people who use the centres are not aware of projects in neighbouring districts due to either low literacy or the difficulty publicising events in Tanzania. Using SMS and push voice messaging TGNP will allow local activists to send messages about their work to various audiences. Each Knowledge Centre has its own address book of local members and a national address book is held centrally by TGNP. Able to advertise their events and organisations, locally, nationally and to relevant media outlets, TGNP hope that the Jamii Voices project allow grassroots activists to create a bigger, more active and more powerful network for action on gender issues and other community challenges impacting upon women in Tanzania.

Indigo is excited by this ambitious networking project and we are looking forward to hearing how TGNP get on!