In the News

A bit later than planned, but here are some stories that have caught our eye over the last few weeks:

Good Governance

Transparency International launch SMS corruption monitoring
With Zimbabwe ranking 154/183 countries for corruption perception, Transparency International Zimbabwe have launched a corruption monitoring SMS application which will allow citizens to report corruption from their mobiles and map the results.


IPPF publish African sexual health survey results
IPPF, the world’s largest reproductive rights and sexual health agencyIPPF recently carried out a survey using MXIT in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. 9,000 young Africans gave their opinions and the results are informative. If we can gather this kind of information via mobile surely we can work to dispel the myths that surround sexual health using mobile phones too?


Surfing the net to exit poverty
We spend a lot of time demonstrating the link between ICT, mobile technology and pathways out of poverty. This interesting study is just another piece of evidence to add to our collection. Professor May found that just owning a mobile phone increased household income by 0.5%. Not much perhaps, but over a short time horizon this additional income could lift someone out of poverty.

AfricanAU sm Union recognises ICT4D
From November 19th– 24th the African Union celebrated African ICT Week 2012, which this year was subtitled: “Promoting Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance through ICT”

Business and infrastructure

Nokia in Kenya
In another example of large technology companies seeing the potential of Africa, Nokia has this month announced its commitment to fund mobile start-ups in Kenya.

Rwanda topples Ghana as fastest internet state
In the ever changing world of African ICT connection speeds this report details some of the huge developments taking place in East African internet infrastructure.

Millennium Development Goals

Progress on the MDGs – data and charts
This page from the Guardian’s poverty matters blog gives us a timely reminder about the global progress on the Millennium Development Goals. In some areas the goals really are within reach, but in others there is much work to be done.