In the News

Here’s a quick glance at a couple of stories that have caught our eye during October!


Designing behaviours and the importance of being multichannel

Frontline SMS reviews how new data about usage from the mobile operator representatives GSMA lends empirical evidence to some important ICT4D home truths. Despite growing uptake the market is not yet saturated and its fragmented nature continues to demand SMS and mobile platforms that focus on multi-platform broad capability.


Cloud computing in Egypt designed to help increase productivity if medium sized farms:

Abu Erdan is a website and mobile app designed by centrivision to allow medium sized farm owners to practise precision farming. Much like the Indigo funded iCow in Kenya, the app will assist farmers by furnishing them with the information they need to farm more effectively. The app will assist with information about when to plant, harvest, treat for pests, increase irrigation and store seed.


Samsung Engineering Academy to create 10,000 electronic engineers by 2015:

The first Samsung Academy in West Africa is based in Nigeria. Aligned with secondary schools, its one year course will lead to an internship and aims to give young people skills for wealth creation.

Climate Change

Kenya Climate Innovation Centre hub:

This Nairobi based hub will support up to 70 ventures a year. Supported by the World Bank and Danish and British Aid it is touted as the first technology hub of this kind in existence, offering office space, technology, training and business services all in one roof and all dedicated to projects looking to tackle climate change.


Facebook users continue to grow, with Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa leading the charge.

ICT Start-ups

DEMO Africa will see the renowned start-up conference come to Africa for the first time:

DEMO conferences have been around for 22 years and have a reputation for consistently identifying the next cutting edge developments in technology. This year, DEMO comes to Africa for the first time.


Kenya switches off fake mobile phones:

Fake mobiles are a huge problem for operators in Kenya and across Africa. The government co-ordinated a mass turn-off of phones this month aimed at reducing the number of fake handsets on the market. With public advertising and an SMS service to check your own phone the scheme hoped to cause as little disruption as possible. Despite this many people, who had confirmed, through IMEI numbers, that their handset was legitimate still found themselves without a working mobile after the switch-off.