Grant Awarded to WOUGNET

Awarded on 18 Dec 2013

Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)

Grant amount £323.73

For many years, northern Uganda was at the heart of a brutal conflict that displaced many thousands of people. As security has been restored, so issues of service delivery, accountability and corruption are becoming increasingly important. We have already awarded a grant to CIPESA to allow them to use Ushahidi to monitor the state of service delivery in the health sector and are pleased to be awarding a grant to the Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET), as they too aim to monitor service delivery and provide channels of redress for citizens.

We have awarded WOUGNET a grant of $24,945 to be paid over two years in support of an existing project sponsored by the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER). The project works in the three districts of Apac, Kole and Oyam and seeks to build the capacity of both local officials and local communities to work together to eliminate corruption and achieve higher standards of service delivery. Indigo’s funding will be used to provide additional training for members of Voluntary Social Accountability Committees (VSACs), whose role is to monitor service delivery and advocate for improvements in the communities where they live and work. They will be trained in a variety of different skills, such as how to monitor service delivery and how to use an online information platform to capture and store information relating to poor governance and corruption. District officials and local authorities will also be educated on the value of good governance and on the role that ICT can play in helping bring about improvements in service delivery.

We’re hopeful that the organisations now working in northern Uganda on service delivery and public accountability will come together to share their experiences and challenges they’ve faced and pool their findings. The potential for productive collaboration exists and we hope that they will grab the opportunity with both hands.