Grant Awarded to iCow

Awarded on 3 Sep 2012


Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £14,000.00

Before I started working here, I never thought I’d be quite so clued up about the gestation cycle of a cow. Thanks to iCow – Kenya’s innovative SMS platform for all things bovine – the Indigo team have become well acquainted with the highs and lows of cow pregnancy. Knowing what a tough time it can be for both cow and farmer alike, we’re delighted to have awarded the iCow team a further grant of up to £14,000 to cover operating costs such as rent, salaries and office equipment for the next six months. iCow is currently at a crucial stage of its development and expansion and we hope that this grant will give them some vital breathing room during this time.

For those of you unfamiliar with iCow, it’s effectively a one-stop shop for Kenyan dairy farmers. As well as its core gestation SMS reminders, the platform also helps farmers find their nearest vets and AI providers (artificial insemination, rather than artificial intelligence – in case you were wondering), collects and stores milk and breeding records and offers tips on best dairy practices and how to improve yields.

In this video, Su Kahumbu – iCow’s founder – explains all about the organisation and why what it does is both devilishly simple and vitally important: