When Things Don't Go To Plan

Things don’t always go to plan and from time to time some of the projects that we’ve supported don’t quite achieve what they set out to do. We’re always realistic about the chance that things won’t turn out quite as intended and it’s for that reason that we like to keep in contact with our grantees as much as possible to be kept updated on the progress of their projects.

Last year, we supported a number of projects that were coming out of the Co-Creation Hub in Nigeria. One of them, BudgIT, has gone from strength to strength and continue to produce fabulous infographics showing Nigerian budget data. Two others – Residents Report and Voteguard – have struggled to reach the same level of success, despite the brilliant support provided by Bosun and his team at the Hub. The team at the Hub have been providing us with regular updates on the progress of each of these projects and it has become clear to them over the past few weeks that both of these projects have faced some significant difficulties that have seriously affected their chances of success.

It’s for this reason that we have decided – in close consultation with the team at the Hub – to reallocate funds intended for Residents Report and Voteguard to other projects now coming out of the Hub. The first of the new projects uses a mobile/online platform to engage young people aged 13-17 through debates, competitions and by highlighting Nigerian success stories. The second project, Ojise, is a programme to manage document upload in low bandwidth environments.

While it’s always sad to see projects fail to achieve their full potential, they do provide us and others with important lessons with regards to what works and what makes a successful project. We’d like to thank the team at the Co-Creation Hub for their work with all of these projects and for their honesty in letting us know when things don’t go to plan.