Grant Awarded to I-Vission International

Awarded on 23 Jul 2012


Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £10,764.00

Indigo Trust are delighted to have awarded a grant of £10,764 to I-Vission to cover the full costs of their Digitization of Cameroon’s Laws project.

This project will digitise Cameroon’s laws, record videos of celebrities and government officials explaining the practical applications of the laws and host a discussion forum where citizens can discuss the implications of the laws. The project aims to promote sensible laws and expose controversial ones.

The proposed outcomes from this project will be:

  • an opportunity for more citizens to access to the laws of the land and to publicly comment on them
  • provides resources and technology to Human Rights organisations and activists
  • Exposes violation of Human Rights and puts pressure on decision makers to take action

We look forward to seeing how I-Vission both exposes access to laws and increases citizen dialogue around them.