New Health Accountability Tender by DFID Uganda

It may be of interest to some of you that DFID Uganda has recently launched a tender for a programme to strengthen accountability in the health sector in Uganda. The Health Sector Accountability Project (HSAP), which is part of a wider DFID Uganda Accountability Programme (UAP), aims to understand and improve planning of health service delivery and will explore the implementation of the Uganda IHP+ Compact.

We’re excited to see that DFID Uganda is also exploring how they can use technologies to support development outcomes.  I was able to meet with Gloria Mugame, one of their governance advisors in February.  She described how they are working hard to overcome the challenges of how to incentivise citizen reporting and other citizen lead initiatives and run projects across multiple languages. She spoke about the Ugandan Government ‘s commitment to the Open Government Partnership and having Freedom of Information legislation, though effective implementation remains a challenge.  They’re also currently supporting mTRAC (involving UNICEF, the Ministry of Health and WHO) which tracks drug availability in clinics.

DFID Uganda also runs a Democratic Governance Facility alongside 8 other donors for empowerment, civic education, human rights, democracy and elections.  CSOs/NGOs can apply for grants in a) Deepening democracy (strengthening institutional mechanisms) b) Voice and Accountability (citizen voice, local content, citizen scorecards) c) Right, justice and peace (Northern Uganda issues, infrastructure, strengthening trade, East Africa community, border posts).

If you’re interested in applying for their health accountability tender, please click here.