Grant Awarded to KINU

Awarded on 20 Mar 2012

KINU Group


Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £30,000.00

Earlier this week, we awarded a £30,000 grant to the KINU Group who are establishing an innovation hub in Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam. The grant will be used to cover things such as rent, salaries and fit-out costs of what will be ‘an open space for Tanzania’s tech community to foster co-creation, innovation and capacity building’. Rather than individuals working in isolation, KINU will bring together Tanzania’s tech innovators to learn, share and develop ideas in a supportive, collaborative atmosphere.

Once built, the KINU hub will provide facilities such as high-speed internet access, industry meet-ups and events, innovation competitions, workshops and webinars. In essence, not only will it provide the physical infrastructure that tech entrepreneurs and innovators need, but also the education, training and mentorship opportunities that are key to helping ideas and prototypes become viable products and services. The hub will be run by a full-time community manager backed up by the founders, whose diverse experience covers everything from Open Source Software to Geographic Information Systems and youth empowerment to user interface design. This varied skill set will be harnessed to support a mix of commercial and social change applications.

Having supported similar hubs across Africa, we know that they offer real potential to help start-ups and would-be entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground. We’re delighted to be able to support a new hub at such an early stage of its development and look forward to learning more about the start-ups and tech entrepreneurs coming out of the hub.