Grant Awarded to BongoHive

Awarded on 8 Dec 2011


Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £12,909.97

We’re delighted to announce that we have awarded our first grant to Zambia. The grant of $19,600 will go towards supporting the work of BongoHive, a tech hub, which takes its inspiration from similar facilities in Kenya, Uganda, Senegal and Cameroon. The Hive is an independent space for the tech community aimed at driving forward sustainable development and bringing about social change in Zambia. Indigo’s grant will support three different aspects of BongoHive’s work:

  • Mobile App Competition: $7,700 will support a week-long mobile/web application competition focused on transparency and accountability. Part of the money will be used to provide prize money for the three best ideas, while the rest will go towards supplementing the necessary organisational and administrative work. The competition will bring together experts from a number of fields to evaluate and build the websites and applications into working prototypes and, hopefully, fully-fledged projects.
  • Mobile training: BongoHive intends to host a training course in mobile app development for Zambia’s up-and-coming tech community. The course will cover all kinds of mobile technologies – from SMS to Android and iOS. $5,500 of this grant will be used to cover the costs of the training.
  • Internet upgrade and modem costs: The remainder of the grant will be used to support BongoHive to upgrade its internet subscription and for modem connection costs.

Having previously funded a number of innovation hubs in Africa, we truly value the supportive atmosphere they offer to tech and development enthusiasts. We’d like to wish all the team at BongoHive the very best of luck as they seek to grow and develop Zambia’s first such hub.