The United States of Kibera

Earlier this year we announced that we had awarded a grant to Pamoja FM, a radio station working in the Kibera slum in Nairobi. Now, a documentary is being made about the station and a local arts collective known as Jah Army. The United States of Kibera documentary will chronicle the combined efforts of Pamoja FM and Jah-Army in planning and organizing an event and  corresponding radio campaign which will focus on how art can change the community.

The film hopes to highlight the pride and hope that exists among what many see as such a bleak landscape. Indeed, while Kibera is one of the most highly researched and documented slums in the world, the world rarely hears a positive or hopeful story about the community there. The makers of this documentary hope to change that by highlighting and celebrating the work of grassroots organisations such as Pamoja FM and Jah-Army, whose 15 members create bead work, paintings, music and films to fund further projects which all aim to promote peace building and environmental consciousness among young Kiberans.