Awarded on 12 Oct 2011


Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £10,000.00

Having previously supported the Co-Creation Hub in Nigeria, Indigo is delighted to announce a £10,000 grant to cover salary costs for a business adviser to provide support to several of the very promising projects that are emerging from the hub. The grant will be used partly to support the following projects:

123Health – A Health Information Service for citizens. It’s a web and mobile based platform to  provide accurate information on basic health issues and health providers across localities in Nigeria. This will help bridge the gap that currently exists for average citizens getting critical health information. The site though will not replace a trip to the doctor, but will be able to refer to doctors based on the location of the enquirer.

Project Watch – A governance and public works project to enable citizens to monitor government-run public projects. At present, Nigerians have little information on infrastructure projects, including financial details, and have no way to feedback on the quality of the work and disruption to their daily life. Project Watch aims to address this.

Ideas2020 – The Nigerian government has a vision for Nigeria to be a top 20 economy by 2020. Ideas2020 is a platform to build citizen ownership and involvement in achieving this vision. The platform crowd sources innovative micro-project ideas that can be implemented by citizens towards realizing parts of the vision. The team behind the platform will then generate resources from interested stakeholders to empower citizens to implement the best projects sent to the site.

iWatchLive – A governance and performance management project, this web platform will enable citizens to monitor the performance of government and its agencies in comparison to their plans and promises.  Check out the site here.

WAEC Mobile Practice –  The pass rate for Nigeria’s GCSE has been appalling in the last few years (30% pass in Maths and English). This mobile application allows students preparing for their GCSEs to practice examination questions from previous years wherever they are. Future versions of the application will have the ability to track which areas students are weak in and direct them to relevant tutorials.

Indigo are also providing project support to four additional projects that started out life in the Co-Creation Hub. For more information about these projects, click here. Also, here’s Bosun Tijani’s great presentation from last month’s Power of Information conference: