New Grants for C.A.R.E, Residents Reports and BudgIT

Awarded on 25 May 2011


Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £25,000.00

Nigeria’s Co-Creation Hub has incubated plenty of exciting projects and Indigo is delighted to announce three grants of £5,000 each to three separate projects. All of the ideas emerged from the Tech-In Governance event, which Indigo supported back in March. The projects we will be supporting are as follows:

Citizens Against Rigging Elections (C.A.R.E): This initiative is designed to organize interested members of the public and professional organizations within and outside of Nigeria; and to connect them via mobile phone to video record and upload (to a specific website) the official announcement by the INEC agent at each polling unit nationwide. A control-center then processes it for onward live transmission during the voting and post-voting election period. This empowers and informs the public on how these results are initially and finally processed.

Residents Report: Residents Report is a social innovation application that “puts the city in our hands, allows citizens/residents decide the destiny of their communities and gets public service agencies to do their jobs accountably”. The Residents Report platform, (to be powered by user friendly mobile and web apps) will allow people to identify the relevant public service institutions responsible for local problems, in order that these everyday issues can be solved quickly and efficiently. Residents Report believe that a problem “reported” is a problem more likely to be solved.

BudgIT: BudgIT is a tool for citizen participation.  Many Nigerians with little or no literacy in accounting and public expenditure do not have the requisite understanding of what budgets entail. The unique idea behind BudgIT is to bring Nigerian budgets in the simplest form to the Nigerian people and generate discussions around them.

We have also awarded a separate grant of £7,000 to the Nigerian Constitution App. More information about that grant can be found here.