Grant Awarded to ActionAid

Awarded on 7 Sep 2011


Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £10,000.00

Indigo is delighted to announce a grant of £10,000 to ActionAid in support of a project to map incidents of land grabbing in rural Tanzania. With about 435,840 hectares of land earmarked for biofuels production in Tanzania, land grabbing by foreign investors is a considerable problem. In collaboration with local and international partners, ActionAid will use mobile technology and an innovative online crowdmap to expose cases of land grabbing and generate the evidence needed for people to claim their rights, land and livelihoods. Citizens will be able to use SMS and voicemail to instantly report cases of landgrabbing. Local civil society organisations will then verify the reports by visiting and documenting the sites. Once verified, victims will be offered direct support, guidance and assistance to enable them to assert their rights and demand the return of land taken illegally.

In addition to helping local citizens, the information collected via this project will be published and fed to national and international media. It is hoped that the availability and visibility of the data will then allow campaigners, journalists and researchers to apply pressure on political and commercial interests and hold them to account. If successful, this model could easily be exported to other countries and problems.