Global Giving Gateway Challenge has been helping grassroots development organisations raise funds for projects all over the world. For organisations that are interested, the process simply involves filling out the online form, submitting the required vetting documentation and posting your project for funding. Organisations new to will first participate in the upcoming Gateway Challenge. The Gateway Challenge is an opportunity for organisations to try out the online fundraising platform and an excellent way to motivate and encourage new and existing networks to donate funds to your project.

See the previous Gateway Challenge results. There are also bonus prizes of up to £3,250 available for the top fundraisers.

Free Online Fundraising Training

Over four weeks, organisations are tasked with raising a set amount of funds. In the four week lead up to the Challenge, the GlobalGiving team will provide you with weekly training via webinars/conference calls on the following modules:

·         Introduction to Online Fundraising

·         Online Communications and Social Media

·         Mapping & Building your Networks

·         Planning your Challenge Campaign

You will also receive supplementary online training guides.

What it means to be Part of the GlobalGiving Community

By successfully completing the challenge you will earn a permanent place on and you will be able to fundraise online through the platform, have access to corporate partnerships and learning and support initiatives including the new online volunteering platform, in-country volunteers and coming shortly an e-learning platform. Read more about the benefits.

Click here to start your application process. The deadline to submit Due Diligence documents for Bond Members is 14th October 2011.

The text for this blog post was provided by Globalgiving.