Grant Awarded to the Cocreation Hub – Nigerian Constitution App

Awarded on 12 Sep 2011


Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £7,000.00

We’re delighted to be awarding a grant of £7000 to the Cocreation hub in Nigeria to support Zubair Abubakar in developing his Nigerian Constitution App for use on other platforms.

The Nigerian Constitution App is a simple tool that aims to leverage the penetration of mobile phones in Nigeria to provide on go the access to the Constitution of Nigeria. A well-organized blackberry version of the App can be found here.

Here’s what Zubair has to say about his application and working with Indigo:

‘I believe with the Constitution App in the hands of millions of Nigerians in and outside the country, we would be more enlightened about our rights as stipulated in the constitution.

I like to think of myself as a social entrepreneur, I am always interested in high impact solutions. Thus, I developed the Constitution App because I felt that as citizens we need to have the constitution handy and be enlightened about the most important laws that govern us. And I am glad the acceptance has been great, so far it has been downloaded 27,530 times and still counting.

For the future, I believe mobile technology shall be a transformational tool in Nigeria and Africa at large. I would like to leverage that to create a platform that would enable mobile solutions thrive.

Receiving a grant from Indigo Trust has been the best thing to happen to me on this project, I am forever grateful. With this grant I am able to expand the project to increase the reach to a lot more Nigerians with different mobile phones and ensure the success of the project. I am indeed thankful, Thank you IndigoTrust.’

Zubair’s App is interesting being utilised by the legal profession, who are constantly referring to the constitution as part of their work and now have easy access.

Here’s some of the feedback he’s received so far:

Adekunze: “Thank you for this wonderful effort. I have downloaded it and I’m happy for it. Never again will I watch the lips of confusionists when they throw up ‘selfish controversies’ and want all of us to believe them that they are saying the truth in the defence of ‘rule of law’.”

Irene Idiaghe: “It’s a nice app, a great one at that, but I was just wondering that if it’s
just for blackberry users alone, then the majority of Nigerians will not have access to this mobile app. Would love to see it on more operating systems. Would be really nice.”

Mariam Mazeone: “The founder of this is the bomb. I’m so loving this application, seriously people its mind blowing. Every blackberry user that happens to be a Nigerian
needs this app, to make you have ur rights handy.”

Eromosele Austin: “This is a path to success, with this, many Nigerians can know their right and know what to do at a particular time. A big thank you to those who made it possible for the constitution to be on mobile.”

Adewale Oreshade – Nigerian Law School student: “The importance of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution cannot be over emphasized. It beholds then that everyone has a copy. Best, if it’s on one’s mobile phone! When I noticed the everyday search of law student’s craving
for the constitution; I announced the Constitution App and every student
downloaded it.  Students have come to me afterwards to thank me for
sharing the download link. And I am using this means to thank the application
developer for helping the Legal Profession and Nigeria at large! Now, I can
read the constitution anywhere and anytime. And with it, I can answer questions
that bother on the constitution.”

We wish Zubair the best of luck in his endeavours.