New Grant for Open Mind

Awarded on 18 May 2011


Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £10,000.00

The Indigo team are delighted to announce a grant of £10,000 to Open Mind’s Open Question project. The grant will be used to cover the salary costs of two developers who will oversee the development of the new software, which will provide open-source tools combining custom software and printable how-to guidebooks that allow almost any community organisation to start their own local hotline.

Using Open Question, almost any organisation with a sound knowledge base, a phone, and a computer can set up a basic hotline using existing staff in the central office. Having this simple hotline invites beneficiaries and community volunteers to interact with the organization which allows people can get the answers they need, when they need it, via a phone call. By encouraging greater interaction between outreach workers and HQ, Open Question also aims to encourage a shift in behaviour that will see workers better prepared to engage with central staff and request assistance as and when any problems or uncertainties arise.

Open Question tools will be available to everyone and distributed free of charge via Question Box website to community organizations. Indigo are proud to be supporting their work and wish them the best of luck. Further information on Question Box can be found here.

They have also had some interesting Press coverage: Harvard Business Review online, GOOD Magazine and Radio New Zealand.