One World for a New Generation

Awarded on 11 Jul 2011

Nigeria, Senegal

Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £13,000.00

With more than three million Nigerians and almost half a million Senegalese using Facebook, it’s little surprise that some organisations are beginning to make the most of social networking. One World is no exception and it is with great pleasure that we can announce a grant of £13,000 to help them establish a Facebook page linking young Nigerians and Senegalese to trained, experienced professionals who will be on hand to answer any questions about sex, relationships and health. One World have significant experience in providing accurate, non-judgemental and timely advice to young people on sensitive issues such as sexual health and family relationships. Their MyQ service allows young people to get advice via SMS or through the organisation’s online Learning about Living platform.

Acutely aware of both the need for this service and the growing popularity of Facebook among young Nigerians and Senegalese, One World are now looking to expand the reach of their tried-and-tested services using Facebook. Initial estimates show that an additional 10,000 young people could be provided with life-saving and socially enriching information in the first year of the project alone. The new service will allow young people to private message their questions to One World’s advisers, give them access to FAQs and key documents and access the Learning about Living online platform. A viral marketing campaign and suitable ads will ensure uptake of the service and as Facebook continues to grow in popularity throughout Africa, we’re really hopeful that the new page will go from strength to strength.