New Grant for MobileActive

Awarded on 17 May 2011

United States of America

Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £20,000.00

If recent events in the Arab Spring have highlighted anything, it is the key role played by mobile phones in the fields of democracy, human rights and governance. As part of their work to investigate and document the crucial role played by mobile technologies around the world, MobileActive are preparing a report on the State of Mobiles in Human Rights, Democracy & Governance and are planning a conference to bring together leading practitioners in these fields. Indigo is delighted to announce a grant of £20,000 to help cover the costs. £10,000 each will go to the report and the conference.

The report will be the first of its kind and will provide a comprehensive overview of the role played by mobile technologies in everything from election monitoring to bottom-up media and human rights advocacy, as well as analysing the part played by governments and telecommunications companies in helping or hindering this work. In addition, it will provide actionable policy recommendations and outline potential future projects. The conference, meanwhile, will bring together an international group of leaders in the use of technology in human rights, democracy, and governance to assess the global landscape, discuss best practices and common challenges, coordinate regional efforts, transfer skills, demo new tools, and promote safer digital communications practices.  It is a highly particdipatory event which aims to generate real solutions to challenges in this space.

MobileActive describes itself as ‘the leading global network and clearinghouse on the use of mobile technology for social impact’ and undertakes consultation work, conducts research and connects people through its 15,000-strong mDirectory. They have played a key role in documenting and furthering the innovative use of mobile technologies by NGOs and activists around the world and Indigo is delighted to be funding their work.