New Grant for mySociety

Awarded on 14 Jun 2011

United Kingdom

Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £40,000.00

A challenge faced by many organisations is how to scale up successful interventions, programmes and projects so that other groups or individuals around the world can replicate them. UK-based mySociety, which develops websites which enable greater transparency and openness, believes it may have found one solution and we are delighted to announce that, having supported mySociety’s UK work for the last two years, we will be providing them with a further £40,000 to help get their new DIY project started.  We are co-funding this with the Open Society Institute, who have provided £56, 415.

The aim of the new DIY project is to provide major transparency NGOs, as well as smaller NGOs, concerned citizens, software engineers and others with advice and assistance on setting up transparency websites similar to those already created by the mySociety team. The project was borne of the realisation that they could not possibly reach out across the globe to all those organisations and individuals eager to replicate and adapt solutions already created by the mySociety team. Working across Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa, the project will use face-to-face events to increase awareness of the organisation’s work, build and strengthen networks and assist those trying to develop digital transparency initiatives. In addition, the mySociety team will develop a new website to support replication of their sites by organisations and individuals it is unable to reach face-to-face. The new site will feature advice and guidance on setting up digital transparency tools for organisations across the globe. Covering issues such as site design, data acquisition and media relations, the news DIY mySociety site will be a one-stop shop for digital transparency organisations.

Here at Indigo we consider DIY mySociety to be an excellent addition to the group’s growing repertoire of digital transparency tools and we’ll be looking on with interest as the project takes shape in the weeks and months ahead. In the meantime, though, we’d like to wish the whole team at mySociety the best of luck as they get this latest initiative up and running.