Small Quote, Significant Success from iCow

Su Kahumbu, Founder of iCow describes how their new App is making an impact just a few weeks after its launch:

“A farmer in Bomet county, rift valley region, called to give us the best news yet! He had posted a cow for sale on iCow Soko (one of our new features that enables farmers buy and sell livestock), on the 10th of July. He received 4 enquiries from buyers, one of whom visited his farm yesterday and after seeing the cow paid him over Ksh100,000 (740 Sterling) this morning. This was over 25% increase on sale of a previous animal. He attributed this to iCow creating a wider market base as his buyer was from another county. The buyer was in Kericho.

We called the buyer who was also extremely happy and blessed the iCow service for enabling him to find a cow so efficiently.  We are all celebrating.  Thank you Indigo Trust for being part of our dream!”

Check out this promotional video: