Introduction to International Development

Plotting out the history of international development

Earlier this week the Indigo team attended an introductory course on international development. Organised by Bond and held at NCVO’s offices in London, the two-day course gave participants the chance to reflect on their own understanding of and approach to development work, as well as an opportunity to network with other development professionals. Although a two-day course can do little more than scratch the surface, it nevertheless considered an array of development issues from theoretical approaches to development to the practical difficulties faced by organisations working in countries ravaged by HIV and AIDS.

Rather than providing a formal grounding in development issues, the course was aimed at encouraging reflection and generating debate and discussion among those present. From household names such as Oxfam and Comic Relief to less well known organisations like Childreach International and BibleLands, participants represented a broad swathe of development organisations. Despite a multiplicity of approaches to development, however, all participants were agreed that working in the sector was both incredibly challenging and deeply rewarding.

A great and thought-provoking event, it has given the Indigo team a great deal to reflect upon.