FrontlineSMS Radio Recruits A New Project Manager

                                  I am delighted to announce that the FrontlineSMS:Radio team have recruited a wonderful new Project Manager Amy O’Donnell, which is being partly funded by Indigo’s grant.

Amy’s role is to maintain communication to ensure the needs of users are translated into the software development. She is currently working to finalise the project specification, prepare for the trials of the radio software, launch the website and improve the outreach of the radio project. Amy joined the organisation because she is interested in simple, common sense solutions and the use of simple technology to ensure wide outreach.

Amy joined FrontlineSMS at the beginning of 2011 from the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation based in The Hague, where she supported minority groups and indigenous communities to develop human rights campaigns.  While studying Human Rights at University College London, she developed an interest in migration and the rights of the internally displaced.  Previously, Amy has also worked at Action Against Hunger and Amnesty International and worked in a school in Mchinji, Malawi. Since collating opinion is her main priority, Amy is open to ideas and you can contact her directly or follow @smsradio on Twitter.