Pamoja FM-Giving a Voice to Kibera Slum

Awarded on 3 Mar 2011


Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £2,213.00

[slideshow]Pamoja FM, a community radio station in Kibera slum, Nairobi came to the fore during the 2007-2008 election violence, where they acted as a calming influence on the citizens in Kibera, which was in stark contrast with many comparable stations, which incited violence over this period.  In this way, they remained true to their name which means ‘Unity’ in Swahili.

Pamoja FM formed in 2007 to empower the youth of Kibera through education and information and it now transmits over a radius of 35-40km of Nairobi, giving a voice to citizens who are otherwise disempowered and keeping residents informed about issues which dramatically impact upon their daily existence.

The station’s vision is to ‘create, develop, apply, and transmit through its thematic radio shows, knowledge, skills, and understanding at various human development levels to ensure equal, sustainable development, and peaceful co-existence among the various communities of Kibera’.

The station offers internship opportunities to college students and also provides opportunities for the less fortunate in the community to participate in the production of their own media through radio call-ins.

Pamoja is working closely with FrontlineSMS Radio to enable two-way communication with their listeners in real-time.  The Indigo Trust has awarded Pamoja FM a grant of £2213 for equipment which will enable the effective execution of this intervention.

Listen to Michael their production manager here and Adam Hussen, their founder here.