Awarded on 6 Dec 2010

Africa Gathering

United Kingdom

Grant amount £10,000.00

The Indigo Trust has awarded a grant of £10, 000 to Africa Gathering (£5000 towards ICT4D conference costs and £5000 for business support). 

Africa Gathering is a unique new platform of change that exposes African ideas and innovations in the field of ICT4D and beyond so that they can be recognised, adopted and celebrated.  They provide an online and offline exchange forum that allows talented Africans to champion their projects and concepts so that their achievements can be given exposure, gain momentum and attract interest from a global audience.  They operate based upon the philosophy that African people are best equipped to solve African problems and that international funding and support can enable them to do so effectively.

Africa Gathering was established in response to the need to develop a results-driven conversation about technology and Africa. To achieve their goals, Africa Gathering has hosted conferences in London and Washington.  Additionally, this year, they will also be hosting five conferences in Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa and Tanzania).  Their conferences are extremely cost effective; the last London event cost around £3500.  Africa Gathering also uses dynamic social networking resources, forum and collaboration tools online. 

The Trust’s funding should significantly assist Africa Gathering in achieving sustainability and in gaining exposure and momentum.